♥ Sadness ♥


Hi guys, long time didn't post anything on my blog,
quit busy these days,
I just wanna let you know about my feelings right now,
totally unstable.
Do you know how it feels when you love someone that didn't give you any attention towards you ?
that's how  feel, 
I have been so long waiting for my true love, but yet it never showed up, 
Ya I know, I just need to wait and trust Allah path, 
But I just want to feel happy like the others, I just need the one who will always be there, Love me no matter what, Ya I'm hurting to much now, I've been so patient with all this things, The one thing that been through in my mind is " until when i have to wait" ?
Allah I trust you, I'm sorry for asking to much, Yet I just feel lonely, mom and dad are to busy for gain some money, friends have their life too, why am I so pathetic ?? 
Dear Allah, only you are always there even I have so many sin, You will never give up on me.
But yet i still feel sad, feel like wanna cry all day long, I wish you guys know how i feel, :'(

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