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Hi there, thanks for reading my entry,
Do you know how it feels like when you need to be stronger than before ?
Do you know how its feel when you love someone that are not meant for you ?
Do you know what will end up when you try so hard to stay on while your heart bleeds and you still want to stay ?
Do you ever think that you are able to stand still with tears drowning ?
Do you ?
Now let me refresh your thoughts and mind,
You have someone in your heart, At the first day you fall for him/her, You appreciate him/her like there's no tomorrow, And you keep on fighting to get he/she, And than you get them and keep them in your life, and than here starts the journey of two hearts becomes one, and the first few weeks everything goes well, and than its a month still butterflies are everywhere, and here goes the second third forth month...................
Everything gone crazy, first you get jealous than he/she get jealous, arguing about these and that, keep on fighting days night tomorrow the next day and so on, wait let me recall you, what happens to the relationships that gone well few days before you get this anger thing in your head and mind ? What happen to those days ?  Is it meant to be for a moment or what ? Is it just for beginner ? Tell me what happen to those days that you looks so happy and a loving couples, what happen to it ? Okay lets refresh our mind, we can fix this, first of all, sit face to face, talk don't shout, if girls you wanna cry just let it all out, try to fix it, don't run from your problems, try to stay cool, yeah it might hurt, but stay strong, guys please hear before you talk, girls are not that difficult to handle with, try to solve this problems, okay next if you did a good job, you guys going to a journey with butterflies again, but if it don't gone well just start to let go as it still early in the relationship, but for those who are successfully go with the journey you might seeing the same mistakes, so here it goes, give a second chances are okay but after that just let it go if the guy/girl don't know how to appreciate you he/she are not meant to be with you, so let it go, I'm in this situation as well, and I'm trying, 

p/s : for those who have a perfect relationship please appreciate your loves ones.

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