5 Days Before 2016

Hi guys,
How was your 2015 going on ?
It is everything okay ?
For sure everyone have their own story right ?
So do I,
Alright, My 2015 are not that good.
Not a good year for me.
I've gone thru so many heartache, ups and down, pathetic life and so on.

Its hurt to remember everything, yes it kills me slowly,
I just wish I could turn back time and make it right,
But I know I cant.
I regret with what had happen during those years.
I know I've made mistakes.
How stupid I am.

But there's nothing I can do to turn back time.
I have to move on,
Stay on track,
Make 2016 as the best years,
Allah please help me go through this upcoming years with smile and happiness,
I'm going to make my upcoming years with happiness and cheerful moment.
In sha Allah
So guys what are your new wishes for 2016 ?
Please put a target and make sure to achieve it at 2016.
Okay see ya later,

Much Love,

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