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Hi guys, How are you ? Fine maybe?
Okay lah, dah lama ta updated anything dkt blog ni, agak busy with life yang agak kucar kacir ni,
Okay memandangkan sekarang bulan Ramdhan kita kena lah banyak kan amal ibadat okay sayang sayang ku semua ?
Nothing interesting with my post but here some think I wanna share with you guys,
What would you guys do if first time you met this one guy or girl he/she is just an ordinary person but then you guys get attached with each other day by day, and theeeennnnn suddenly you fall in love with him/her. Ya a few months seems okay, lovely and what so ever, But then SUDDENLY they left you !
I would like to ask, is that we called love? this is not my story, but this thing is based on my lovely sis story.
In my opinion, this is not love, if he/she do love you guys they wont leave aite? So if they do leave and never come back, its not love, they are still not into you, so my advice is dont get to attached with the person we know for a few months. Bak kata org tua tua, biar dia sayang kita lebih, jangan kita syang dia beria tapi dia hampeh je perangai. Kan kawan kawan? Okay lah, thats it for this post. 
Adious, Love 

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